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At INU Animals you will find all varieties and sizes of Gosbi feed, cans and snacks, both for dog and cat.

Come to see us and we will personally inform you of what is the most suitable food for your life partner.

Gosbi is only sold in-store (not online).

Gama Gosbi

INU Animals is fully committed to the Gosbi dog and cat food brand.

Gosbi’s main objective is QUALITY and this is present in each of the steps of the production process.

The raw materials they use are carefully selected and are subjected to a rigorous control of purity and nutritional potency before being used. They cook food following their own improved method.

In addition, they are the first Spanish manufacturer certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as they do not test with animals throughout the process of design and production of their products.

Perro Gato Gosbi